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Our 3 Favourite Sailing Magazines

Sailing Today

Why Choose a Sailing Magazine? No matter what level your sailing experience you will always find yourself referring to your course notes or favourite sailing handbook for a ‘theory’ refresher. In broad terms, the general principles you are checking up on do not change. However in our modern world of constantly evolving technology, revolutionary design […]

Travel Magazines

Travel Magazines

Subscriptions Sailing and travelling can go hand-in-hand, so we thought we’d offer some suggested reading for those considering venturing further than the UK coastline. We all have locations in mind that one day we will visit but every so often you read an article that offers a different perspective on a place or describes a […]

Sailing Magazines

Sailing Magazines

Subscriptions In the article Our 3 Favourite Sailing Magazines we recommended publications that have been our regular reading for a good number of years. We also mentioned the availability of a number of other magazines that you may find of interest. Below we have provided links to each of the other popular magazines read by […]

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